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RED Transformation & Change Management

RED partners with companies to design and deliver successful change interventions in a VUCA environment.  VUCA is an acronym used to describe the Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity of situations in which companies need to thrive and create shareholder value.

In South Africa specifically, and in Africa in general, the pace of regulatory change has challenged companies to step up Transformation.  Companies who thrive in this environment realise that these changes open the door to leave business as usual behind and position their companies for future success.

RED assists companies to;
  • Deliver results while focusing on sustainability, enhance employee engagement and to function at a different level than before.
  • Move through the whole process of change from inception to hand-over, building internal capacity for change to be sustainably owned by the client. 
  • Maintain their current skill base and help design processes that encourage people to share knowledge and experience on all levels of the organisation.
  • Based on more than a decade of leadership development interventions we have developed accelerated leadership development programs helping Transformational Leaders achieve practical readiness for promotion opportunities in order to help companies meet their Transformation targets.

RED uses different methodologies based on the needs and requirements of the client.

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