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Company Profile

RED Management Consultants consists of five business units namely, RED Learning Solutions, RED Healthcare Learning, RED Transformation and Change, RED Academy and RED Speciality Construction Training. RED specialises in the design and facilitation of innovative, experiential learning programs and creative learning interventions. 

We realise the importance of effective training and learning in the future of businesses in the context of South Africa's need for skills development, and are intent on improving the performance of: 
  • Individuals,
  • Teams and
  • Organisations.

Innovative Learning Solutions:

We blend a variety of learning methodologies in designing effective learning solutions that engage learners emotionally, cognitively and physically. 

Our leading edge learning programs are designed for:
  • Facilitate personal growth and behaviour change
  • Shape learners’ attitudes and mindsets
  • Raise learners’ competence levels and professional proficiency
  • Provide learners with practical tools and techniques for the job they have to do
  • Empower learners to effectively meet the challenges of a changing business world
  • Develop high performance teams
  • Enhance leadership in organisations
  • Create a learning culture in the organisation
  • Promote lifelong learning
  • Compliment any formal education that leaders might have received by making meaningful links between theory and practice, and
  • Support the business strategy.
All interventions are customised to support the business objectives and activities of our clients and provide solutions to their training challenges. 
A strong focus on innovation, research and development ensures that our subject matter is up to date and our program design reflects current views on adult learning and development. 

What you can expect when doing business with us
RED values long term relationships with clients. We grow with each client, getting to know both the organisation and industry, which enables us to align ourselves with the strategic intent of the company and add value to the business. 

We elicit and value continued feedback from clients to ensure that the required standards are met. 

All our facilitators are professionally qualified and skilled in the processes that they facilitate. The style of facilitation compliments the skill and confidence levels of learners. Our facilitators are skilled in maintaining learners’ self esteem whilst challenging them to think and act differently

Meet the ExcoTeam

Hester-Mari Joubert

Hester-Mari Joubert is a founder member and CEO of RED Management Consultants. She has been involved in the fields of learning, talent development, training and group facilitation for more than 20 years. She holds a masters degree and is a NLP Practitioner. Hester-Mari is passionate about human resource development.

Luella Naidoo
Director: Recruitment

Luella Naidoo is a member and facilitator at RED Management Consultants. She is a healthcare industry expert with over 15 years’ experience within the devices and pharmaceutical sectors. Luella is passionate about the treatment and management of HIV and spent 10 years working in the HIV arena. Luella is also responsible for facilitating Leadership Programs. Luella has a masters degree in Business Leadership.

Jacques van Rensburg

Jacques van Rensburg is an experienced facilitator and trainer who has helped companies achieve their goals in South Africa and the UK over the past decade. In the last few years he has focused more of his energy on helping companies achieve their Transformation goals. He also became the COO of RED in 2011.

Reinet van Graan
Director: RED Healthcare Learning

Reinet is a healthcare industry expert. Her experience ranges from sales and marketing, learning and development to management and human resources. She holds a masters degree and a number of other healthcare and human resources related qualifications and certificates